On January 13th, 2024. The Maryland Hawgsters had their end of year Christmas party.

As always, there was good food, great people, and lots of lies. As the president of the MD Hawgsters, I am proud to announce that Matt Felty is our AOY for 2023!

We fish 8 tournaments throughout the year, and drop 2.

Matt boated 32 fish for a whooping 108.51 lbs. for the year, with a club best 7.04 lunker of the year, he beat out the next closest guy for lunker by 1 oz. He also had the biggest bag of the year tipping the scales at 23.13

He won 2 of our 8 tournaments and placing 2nd in all the others. As you can see, our boy had an awesome year!


The rest of the club finished as follows:

2nd– Marty Osborne

3rd– Steve Gilmore

4th– Joe Winterling

5th– Brian Wiedecker

6th– Dave Seal

7th– Rick Koup

8th– Dave Kyle

9th– Doug Brackins

10th– Rob Smith

We have just locked up our trial dates for 2024 and look forward to getting back on the water. Two of our club guys were out for a good part of the year, due to injury, and a move with a new job, so we look forward to getting them back full time this year.