Roselle and Torres Win the Final Event at Deep Creek

The final SQT Trail event took place at Deep Creek Lake on Saturday, September 30th. This event would determine the final points standings for the year based on the four events and decide who finished in the top 8 spots on the boater and rider side.The top 8 boaters and riders qualify to fish the in-state Championship to be held at Conowingo along with the winners of the Mr. Bass event that was held in April. 

Michael Roselle won the event on the boater side with a total of 12.76 pounds. Brett Winegardner finished 2nd with 11.89 pounds and John Jeddry took 3rd with 11.05 pounds. Michael also ended up with the big fish on the boater side with a 4.15 pound fish.

Josh Torres won the rider side with 4.35 pounds and Gerald Brown finished a close 2nd with 4.32 pounds. William Rupard took 3rd place with 4.10 pounds.

This final event always shakes up the final standings to determine the State Qualifying Team. Things change because of the fact that each angler drops their worst tournament event as far as points to determine their final events points over all 4 events.

Half of the top contenders in points standings going into this final event stayed in the top 8 on the boater side and also the rider side at the conclusion of this final event. However, there were many changes in the end. Michael Roselle for instance, went from 11th place before the event to 5th place overall with this win. John Jeddry went from 13th place to 6th overall and Ed Riley jumped all the way from 20th place to 8th place overall to secure their spots for the Championship event.

The Rider side of the standings had some shake-ups as well. Jimmy Eney went from 12th place before the event to finish 8th overall in the final points standings. William Rupart jumped from 14th place to 6th and Gerald Brown came from 17th place all the way to 7th place overall. 

The final in-state Championship is scheduled for October 14th and 15th at Conowingo. Congratulations to the top 8 boaters and top 8 riders who qualified from the Trail events to the Championship event. Below is a list of the top 8 boaters and top 8 riders. Stay tuned for the Championship. 

Boaters                                  Riders

Danny Rodriguez                   J. P. Harrell

Brett Winegardner                  Mark Pryal

Michael Duarte                       Josh Torres

Brian Trieschman                   Tyler Hawthorne

Michael Roselle                      Rick Roselle

John Jeddry                            William Rupart

Justin Bronson                        Gerald Brown

Ed Riley                                   Jimmy Eney