MBN Membership Highlight FYI’s

MBN Membership,

We wanted to bring the following MBN ‘highlights’ to your attention!

– W/E SQT Application Deadline: Due to the numerous weather related changes, twists and turns to the 2018 tournament schedule, the deadline for submitting paperwork for the upcoming Weekend SQT has been extended to September 29th!

– Executive Board Elections: It’s that time again! Executive Board elections are right around the corner. If you or somebody you know is interested in serving on the Executive Board for the next term, please contact your Region Director who will pass along the information to get the name on the ballot. Stay tuned for additional details.

– Stocking Program: The Upper Bay Stocking Fund is accepting donations for stocking efforts scheduled for this fall. If you, your club or a business is able to make a donation, contact Scott Sewell, our MBN conservation director.

– HUK Sponsorship: The HUK sponsorship program is underway. Check out the ‘Members Only Sponsorship Information’ forum on our message board

– Member Information: Members and Clubs should make sure that your name, address and contact information is current and correct on the BASS Nation membership roster. Questions? Please contact Dick Berich, our MBN membership chairman.

– MBN High School Championship: The MBN HS Championship is scheduled for October 7th. Launch and weigh-In will be at Smallwood State Park. If you can help out or if you have any questions, contact Dick Brown!

– 2018 Mr. BASS tournament: Discussions are underway regarding the ‘how and when’ the postponed Mr. Bass tournament will be rescheduled. The Tournament Director is working closely with the Tournament Committee and the Executive Board to address this matter as soon as possible. Stay Tuned!