Roselle and Berry win first SQT Tournament

The first of four SQT Trail tournaments took place on Sunday, May 15th at Dundee. The weather turned out well on this day and most of the field really caught some good fish.

Mike Roselle won the boater side with 20.43 pounds for his best 5 fish limit with a kicker that weighed 7.61 pounds which took big fish for the boater side. Mike made the run up North to the flats and stayed fishing grass and wood all day. He said fishing was slow so he used a weightless senko and a 4 inch worm most of the day and caught 7 keepers total and a few short fish. Great start for of the season for Mike.

Justin Bronson followed up in second place with 18.41 pounds for his best 5 fish. Justin said he ran to his best area in a marina where he knew some fish were spawning. He worked the area most of the day catching his limit and culling fish by 9:00 in the morning. Justin said he did run to a few other places nearby but, his first spot was the best. Justin’s fish all came on a wacky rigged black senko and a junebug ultravibe speed worm. Justin is off to a great start for the season also.

Marty Osborne took third place on the boater side with 18.13 pounds of fish for his efforts to round out the top three on the boater side.

Ken Berry won the rider division with an impressive 14.14 pound bag for his 3 fish rider limit anchored by his best fish at 6.39 pounds. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any information about Ken’s day on the water.

Greg Ledwell took 2nd place on the rider side with a good bag of 12.87 pounds for his 3 fish limit. Greg also had big fish on the rider side with a 6.47 pound kicker. Greg fished with Brian Trieschman who finished 5th on the boater side. They stayed local where they found some fish in practice a few days before the tournament. Greg said the fish had just started to move on beds the day of the tournament and they were loaded in the area they were fishing. Greg said he threw 2 different baits, a green pumpkin senko on a shakeyhead when the water was up high and when the water pulled out, he went to a flipping tube rigged on a short shank flipping hook and a 1/4 oz weight. Greg and Brian both had limits early and Brian upgraded 2 of his fish on a second location. At 1:30 they decided to see if their first spot replenished. Greg said he started throwing that ugly a#$* tube and that is when his big fish hit and it was on. Both of them culled a few more times to finish out the day.

Joe Devoe took 3rd place on the rider side with a total of 11.66 pounds for his 3 fish limit.

The second of 4 stops on the SQT Trail will take place the end of August on the Naticoke River out of Sharpstown.